Episode 19

Published on:

4th Jun 2020

Episode 19: Brandon Oldham and Making Tulsa A More Vibrant And Inclusive Place

In what seems like years ago, but was actually only three weeks, Brandon Oldham joined Jesse and Chris to discuss his work on the Vibrant and Inclusive Tulsa (VIT!) Team for the George Kaiser Family Foundation. We discuss how he is handling the pandemic and how he makes new rituals at home. He elaborates on a new initiative he is working on called SummerTulsa, their goal is to create opportunities for rising college juniors and seniors in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. You can found out more about SummerTulsa here: https://www.summertulsa.com/about. We also discuss the protests to open states early (remember when that was a thing?) and share our love of mid-90s NBA basketball and Brandon's obsession with sneakers.

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